Hello and welcome to Never Broken: your personal road map to help you calm anxiety and access your own inner knowing so you can learn to make happiness a habit.

I am excited to share these tools for putting you in the drivers seat of your life. I know they work because they have helped me find resilience, happiness, and success, despite many significant setbacks. As I say in my book, I truly believe no person can keep us unhappy, abused, or poor if we are willing to take accountability, look in the mirror and say “the shape of my life is up to me.” These tools will help take you from a victim who merely reacts to a life you inherited, to an architect who creates it.

My favorite thing about this road map is that I developed and began to practice it at a time in my life when I was homeless – and all I had was myself and my mind. I was able to practice and build these skills despite my not having a job, a home, or any support, yet I still saw amazing results that transformed my life. You can do this no matter who you are, what your background looks like, or what your living situation is. You don’t need money or anything other than what’s in your heart.

It’s all about developing a relationship with what I call your inner observer (the part of you that has never been broken, but exists perfectly at all times) and then learning to make new habits that lead to happiness by retraining your brain.

It starts with what we observe, this informs what thoughts we engage in, this leads to actions, and actions build lives. Learning to observe what thoughts we allow ourselves to indulge in is critical, because we build lives based on this – weather we are aware of our thoughts or not. This site helps you be be mindful of your thoughts, and learn to stop engaging in negative habit loops and building ones that lead to fulfillment.

An advantage I wish I had when I was first beginning to Observe my thoughts and retrain my brain was having access to a community of like-minded people. That is something I want to give you here. We benefit greatly when like-minded people come together who hold certain values in common. It helps us create safety and acceptance and can give us some wind beneath our wings when we falter. There will be certain times as you practice these tools that I ask you to reach out to another community member to help hold yourself accountable and to create connection.

I encourage you to be as brave in this process as possible. You will get out of this process what you put into it, so really push yourself to be as honest and as forthright as possible. The good news is that the only thing that stands between you and the happiness you want is yourself! And here you can find a community that wants to support you on your journey.

Isolation brings suffering, so I encourage you to reach out to members in this community. Share your stories on forums, where you will find out you are not alone. The only way to feel less alone in the world is to allow yourself to be seen. It is my goal to make this a safe place for you to show up. The world can be a harsh place, but I have designed this to be a shelter from the storm. That is why I would ask you to carefully read the oath below and to make sure you can live by it when you are on this site. It is a promise to yourself and to fellow travelers on the path that this is a sacred place where you can come to be supported, lifted, and accepted.

Judson Brewer, MD, PhD

Ryan Wolfington

My Never Broken Oath

I promise to be kind to myself as I go through each step on the path.

I promise to be kind to others on this path.

I promise to keep what I learn here about others private.

If I become someone’s accountability partner or sounding board, I will uphold that position as a sacred privilege and will bring my best self to the task.

I will practice patience, kindness, tolerance, and tenacity when walking the steps along my path.

This is an oath to me and to other members here.