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The Forsage Ethereum Blockchain technology allows anyone to generate wealth in a marketplace separate from the predominant world economic systems. It is completely color blind, culture blind and equally available to all demographics and cultures regardless of geography, religion or political party. Currently and often throughout history world economic systems have lacked stability. Current conditions have put traditional economic systems in a precarious position. Millions of people are negatively affected through no fault of their own. What we are calling “The Ethereum Multiplier Game” is actually an open source project completely independent of the predominant world economic systems. The Forsage Ethereum Blockchain technology provides a financial growth program with NO admin fees and NO monthly commitments whatsoever.  Learn, Share and Earn.



The intent is to provide an income generating application with the opportunity for exponential growth and minimal risk. This program has been created to provide for wealth building utilizing a crowd funding model. Participants promote participation in the network and provide education about this new financial platform. Through this process we are building a crowd funding platform insulated from and independent of the struggles of the traditional financial markets.

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Our intent is to build a network of people who are promoting and believing in a more enlightened and joy filled future for the planet based on living compassionately with kindness to all.   


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Together we can bring together a group of people to promote and believe in a more enlightened future for the planet. We will shift the habit of thinking in terms of problems to a focus on a path of hope and optimism. We will encourage replacing anxiety with appreciation - replacing fear with faith and confidence in our ability to create positive solutions to each challenge we discover. We will keep you advised.

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