A story is always important in helping people get a sense of the vision.  In my story I truly feel that I have always been guided along this path I am on by all kinds of mentors and friends I have found along the way.  Our world is a magical place and you can learn to enlist the support and help of the magic mostly by getting out of your own way.  You will find that the more you move away from all of the planning and worrying about end results and just pay attention to what is going on around you, all the ideas you need to fulfill your dreams will be discovered.  You will find that all you ever need do is ask for what you want – not as a wish – but as a command – and then let it go with faith that everything necessary for it to go from an idea in your imagination to a tangible thing will take place.  Your responsibility at that point is simple to pay attention and not miss the clues and signposts.  This is not an easy task and I have spent years of reading and writing, meditating and being involved in numerous practices all to gain more conscious control of my present moments because that is your place of power.  The future is not yet written – it is defined by present moment actions and convictions. 

One of our contemporary philosophers, Ram Das made his signature declaration with the three words, “Be here now”.  This was many years ago but the seeds of those thoughts continue to grow and have bloomed with ever more people taking up some form of daily meditation or mindfulness.  That is all about being here now so you don’t let past mistakes, habits or failures hold you back by filling you with doubt and fear.  Doubt and fear are the enemies of success and happiness.  Being able to boldly go where no one has gone before with enthusiasm and optimism is the path to fulfillment and happiness. 

I have always looked for guidance along the way by listening to recordings of people sharing ideas about life and books that tell stories about what life can be like.  I have always felt that I have been guided to the right messages at the right times to help me assemble the puzzle and find my path.  That of course is why paying attention is so important because these clues and signposts are all around us but it is up to us to recognize them. 

Recently I have found some intriguing bread crumbs along my path that have coalesced into a really pleasing vision for the future.  First, in response to looking for a new way to generate income, an old friend called out of the blue to tell me about a new project that has been launched in cyberspace involving crypto currency and something called a Blockchain “smart contract”.  The short story goes like this: you purchase a few of these smart contracts that are actually autonomous cyber bots.  Theoretically they should stay in existence as long as the Internet where you turn them lose.  They are programmed with a very specific function that they will just repeat over and over again.  As more of these cyber bots interact with your cyber bots they pass value to you in the form of the crypto currency Ethereum.  To get this game going I set up the website, WRG-Funding.com.  The site seeks to describe, explain and promote this revenue generating program. 

So, that was part one to this story.

Part two came in the form of a show I happened to tune-in to from CNN.  It is interesting because I rarely tune to CNN and I had never heard of this program before.  The program was a Sunday morning world affairs program hosted by Fareed Zakaria.  I had tuned into the end of the show and there was an author being interviewed by the name of Rutger Bergman.  They were discussing Bergman’s new book, “Humankind – A Hopeful History”.  I would recommend that right now you go to this link – https://amzn.to/2AAWZCz – and download the free sample of the book and read the opening section.  If you have been experiencing any worry or fear about the plight of our world today, these few pages will give you a much broader frame of reference and should do a lot to reawake a strong sense of hope about the future. 

The trail only started there for me.  The real seed for this vision came as I looked a bit further into the work of Rutger Bergman.  It was his previous book that really caught my attention – this is from the Amazon write up: Utopia for Realists is one of those rare books that takes you by surprise and challenges what you think can happen. From a Canadian city that once completely eradicated poverty, to Richard Nixon’s near implementation of a basic income for millions of Americans, Bregman takes us on a journey through history, and beyond the traditional left-right divides, as he champions ideas whose time have come.   Even though his Ted Talk has had a few million views, I had never heard of any of this before now.  When you are paying attention you usually seem to get the information you need when it can offer the best advantage to you.

What does this book document?  That the best way to cure poverty is to simply give people money with no strings attached.  The mainstream would have you believe that this simply was not effective, that people would waste the money and wouldn’t want to work.  It turns out that the money going into social programs would go much further and be more beneficial if you just gave people the cash. I want to encourage you to get this book too because I am sure you will find it quite enlightening. (https://amzn.to/2O5RG1f)

And so I found an EMG Funding Mission

So this birthed an idea or vision for me.  I had this cyber revenue generating machine available to me and now something good to do with whatever funds came in.  Sure, initially I was attracted to the idea of generating potentially a bunch of money to pay off bills and maybe eventually get that little speed boat and trailer I wanted but now I had a path to something even bigger.  Early in Bergman’s book, “Utopia for Realists” he highlights a group that has been doing exactly what the book recommends with great success.  www.givedirectly.org.  This is when these two recent clues along this path came together. 

I have decided to take 50% of whatever money that comes into my cyber wallet in crypto currency and direct it to givedirectly.org.  I now have a great reason to be enthusiastic about this project because while I will certainly experience some benefits personally, it will also allow me to make a very positive contribution to the world in a bigger way. 

What I now hope to do is use EMG-Funding.com as the organizing point for creating a network of people duplicating what I am doing.  Therefore, instead of a game just to generate new income without a lot of effort or risk, this will be a project with a mission for the improvement of life on this planet. 

That’s the vision.  If you have a few bucks to buy into the game, you can get in on the fun.  Visit www.EMG-Funding.com to get directions on joining the game.

I thought it would be a great time to embark on a new adventure!

LEARN MORE – www.EMG-Funding.com     


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