The Seeds of Eudemonia

What’s your story?

It is often said that to find your true purpose in life all that you need to do is go back to your early days and remember what your dream was.  For me, I have always had a longing to play host at a place of beauty, joy and flowing PositiVibes enlivening all in the space and beyond.  We all can use a place to relax and let the troubles of the world recede.  I have envisioned it as a place people would come to and just relax and enjoy themselves.  While it is a very physical place in my mind, you can find it for yourself right where you are.

In my mind, what I have come to call the Club Tropical is a place of great Spiritual energy that I see becoming a hub of conscious interaction with the world.   I see a community being formed that is powered by love and a shared appreciation of each other and all life.  There we share our growing clarity guided by curiosity that is blended with insights coming from minds in an open state.  Some of us are involved with meditating and letting their seeking minds play with the ideas, hopes and dreams that arise for them. Some may just need a break – some time for communing with peace and possibility.  Sharing the energy of love and appreciation of others traveling this storyline with us gives us the opportunity to intermingle our intentions.  As we learn to come into synchronicity with each other we find that the transformational impact on how reality is perceived is exponentially increased.

Now did I think about all this when I was 10 or 12 years old?  No, then it was just about being happy and loving life filled with this overwhelming enthusiasm to experience as much as I could and curious about what wonders might be unfolding in front of me.  The difference now is that I realize that I have a responsibility to decide what storylines I want to develop and those that I choose to reject.  I accept that reality grows from me – I am creating it not simply witnessing it.  I recognize that desire is my creative compass with those things I come to want with all my heart accepted as guideposts toward my best possible future.  We all have a challenge in that we have spent years developing this character we believe ourselves to be.  Your character has been cooked up with the ingredients of all of the stories you have heard or told yourself.  There are ingredients passed on from physical ancestors and Spiritual ancestors alike.  But like everything else in this life, it is up to you how you use all of the information you find and how best you can solve the puzzles that are offered as guidance.  This is why we are here: to discover who and what we are while seeking to discover in what ways we can serve the whole of the Gaian Community.

So that is the idea wrapped up in Club Tropical. The challenges of the world are recognized but do not diminish us while we are here in this shared place of peace and power for a purpose.  From this place it is believed that we have the ability to shift global consciousness to come into synch with the loving, compassionate and appreciation filled view of reality that we are projecting.  Everybody still has their own story and their own unique character to portray but we have the intent to always be an oasis in what can seem a psychic desert here in the field of consciousness.  We shine a light on possibility and will pay close attention so as not to miss any chance to spread seeds of eudemonia.

Please join me here in this Palace of Possibility where our intent is to nurture the spirit of curiosity and wonder that we all shared as children.  It is still there in all of us.  Clearly many have no real awareness of the great power and magic they are wielding with their thoughts, words and beliefs.  Most believe in the world of appearances.  The limitation of this is that appearances are the physical expression of the combined world consciousness at any given moment.  It is the sum of the pictures of the world projected by all the points of consciousness currently active in this Gaian Adventure Game we find ourselves.  The “real” world is but a reflection of our combined imagination.  We are the Creators.  I can have no greater hope than to help create a place for us all to recharge and restore ourselves, clarifying our visions of storylines that take us in directions filled with fun and magic.  We are becoming everyday more joyful beings gaining in our ability to spread love and joy-filled anticipation as we envision and energize solutions to all challenges that arise knowing that the only way we lose is if we give up on ourselves.

John A. Brodie,


P.S. if that’s too deep in the speculative weeds for you, forget all that and just take life a bit less seriously in 2022.  Have more fun.  Take some time to smell the roses and savor the flavor of an ocean breeze.  Share more love.  Stay open to possibility with desire as your creative compass.  Find a path to being the fully realized amazing being you really are in the days ahead.  Just be HAPPY (it is a choice that just depends on how you focus your attention).  When you are operating from a “happy” place you can be certain you are on the right road – seeking to keep to that path makes a great New Year’s resolution.  Happy New Year!