Welcome and thank you for visiting this Palace of Possibility

Finding yourself where you are right now indicates that you are ready to play a more intentional role in the shaping of our future on this planet.  Here we are experimenting with our ability to use conscious intent to transform physical reality.  You can go through life simply doing your best to respond to the world you find yourself in or you can develop your skill as a Designer of Reality™.  

Our underlying intention for this Palace of Possibility is to gather together a group of adventurers exploring how the way we think shapes our world.  We will each be tasked with defining our own stories and discovering where we want them to take us.  We shall develop programs to extend our design work from a personal focus to the promotion of social beliefs that are ever more loving and compassionate.  As we help build momentum for more life sustaining stories of the future for the planet we will be of benefit to all of Creation.

If these concepts are intriguing to you, we encourage you to join us at PositiVibes.net

We want to build an interactive “we space” spacegroup platform allowing for open engagement and discussion.  Life is a creative process.   Your life story is yours to write and the only limitations you have are those that have found a home in your mind.  There are almost certainly many erroneous programs running in your bio-computer brain that you are not even aware of.  We shall explore what goes on in the world of consciousness behind the scenes to help us fine-tune our experience.  Ultimately we are all in service to the life and energy body of this world and we shall call ourselves The Gaian Alliance.

Time Space Adventurers Getting Started Portal from Designer of Reality at The PositiVibes Network