Our Future Story will compile a collection of stories of our collective future as envisioned by tomorrow’s leaders. If you are in your second decade of your life adventure (10-19 years old) we are eager to have you share your vision of our possible future. There are innumerable possible storylines on topics that may cover social structure, education, business, enjoying the world that surrounds us or how to better care for our planet and the many species of creatures that we share the Earth with. Your story may be one of social changes or personal achievements in the arts, science, sports or consciousness. Your story may be offered as a vision of what can emerge in an essay or short story. Maybe it will come to you as a poem, a song or a picture. You are a designer of our future and we urgently need your story because if you have been born at this time you have an important part to play in all that is to come.

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We will cherish your vision and work to empower you and the part you are here to play. Your submission may be of any length. By submitting you give us permission to publish your vision in a variety of formats where we shall work to make your vision a part of the world conversation that moment by moment is shaping what is to emerge for all of us and our planet. We will not edit or change your submission other than in format if needed for publication. You will retain ownership of your submission and will be free to publish it elsewhere without restriction.