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Quantum physics is revealing a world where our thoughts create our physical reality. We live in a “shared” reality where your “good” day will positively benefit everything around YOU. OUR Emotions and beliefs shape our future.

The Adventure of a Lifetime is yours to discover…  What you do will affect us all.

Embark on the Adventure of a Lifetime with John Brodie’s Book

Fellow adventurers, seekers of truth, and architects of your destiny, we invite you to delve into the transformative pages of John Brodie’s “Adventure of a Lifetime.” This is not merely a book; it is a call to awaken your innate creative power and embrace your role as a Designer of Reality.

The Premise We are not mere spectators in the theater of Creation—we are its architects. Challenges and crises are not punishments but inspirations, urging us to design solutions that bring balance and harmony. Our purpose is to envision a world of peace and fulfillment, guided by the satisfaction and joy our decisions bring us. Every mistake is a stepping stone, sharpening our abilities and emphasizing the importance of our thoughts and actions in shaping the future.

A Journey of Conscious Creation Imagine standing at the edge of Creation, where every moment is a new beginning shaped by our consciousness. Past events lose their hold, and the future is a canvas awaiting our touch. Believe in your power to heal, spread love, and share your strength and light with the world. We are warriors of Spirit, destined to create a reality filled with balance and harmony.

The Power of Belief Brodie takes you on a journey through time, starting with the wisdom of Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus demonstrated that miracles were within everyone’s reach, emphasizing the power of belief and faith. Modern science begins to acknowledge the influence of thoughts on the material world, yet the journey to fully embrace this truth is challenging. Fear opposes faith, but by aligning our thoughts and desires, we can transcend limitations and manifest our reality.

A Transformational Path The external world often contradicts our innate creative power, but within each of us lies the potential for profound transformation. By accepting our extraordinary capabilities and practicing the power of intention, we can observe tangible results and overcome doubts. This path, though unconventional, is infused with joy and adventure, each success contributing to the well-being of all creation.

Awakening the Hero Within In “Adventure of a Lifetime,” Brodie likens life to an epic adventure game, where we unleash our creative power to shape a world of beauty, love, and fulfillment. This quest transcends the physical dimension, urging us to connect with our higher selves. Reality is a controlled hallucination shaped by our beliefs, and our journey is to master energy and become conduits for infinite creative power.

A Call to Action This is a call to awaken your heroic potential. Step into the adventure that awaits, where your thoughts and beliefs shape your unique reality. Embrace the power within and join us in co-creating a world filled with boundless wonder, love, and limitless possibilities.

Join John Brodie on this extraordinary journey of belief and creation. Discover the profound impact of your thoughts on your reality and awaken to your true nature as a Designer of Reality. The adventure of a lifetime awaits—are you ready to embark on it?

Here’s a recently posted review:

This is a wonderful book written by my friend John Brodie! Each chapter is a new adventure helping us find the path that best aligns us with our own, unique Adventure of a Lifetime. These are true stories of people who realized the remarkable energy, satisfaction and joy that arises out of aligning more fully with our personal inner beings – in other words, aligning us more fully with our souls. I have the audio version so I can listen, over and over again, to this great variety of timely and timeless stories of meeting and greeting our lives (our selves) on a whole new and much healthier basis – level – plane – perspective. Two quotes from Rumi come to mind: “The universe is not outside you. Look inside yourself, everything you want you already are.” – and – “Seek the wisdom that will untie your knot. Seek the path that demands your whole being.”  And so, I wish for everyone to enjoy and be inspired by John’s book to its richest and fullest potential.
 – Anneke Edson


In a world filled with wonders and mysteries, we find a game called Life. And in this game, the key to becoming a truly skilled player was appreciation. Just take a moment to imagine the beauty of the nighttime sky, the vastness of the ocean with its unknown creatures, the love you feel for your fellow adventurers, the enchantment of a forest, and the daily miracle of the sun rising to sustain life on Earth. The list of things to appreciate seemed endless.

When appreciation filled your heart, a natural sense of joy and happiness emerged. Love and gratitude danced hand in hand, intertwining their emotional melodies. When you felt either of them, you knew you were truly alive and in a state of well-being. 

You are merging with the flow, moving to a new vibration level in this magical Gaia Game. 



It is now accepted that our thoughts have a direct effect on the world we experience each day. With the hope that my adventures will provide some useful and entertaining insights for you, I am sharing a guidebook that has arrived after a journey of many years.  “Adventure of a Lifetime” is my story, but it is also your story and all of our stories. Together we are giving birth to a future that we will have co-created and discovered together.  

You and I, along with the rest of humanity are dreaming the future into being as an expression of our collective beliefs. As like-minded people link up in consciousness their healing and harmonizing impact is increased.  Sadly, the same is true for negative vibes – what you send out you create.

A guidebook to possible futures,

The Adventure of a Lifetime is yours to discover.

Clues for finding a path to your heart’s desires…

In a book that could be science fiction, philosophy, self-help, or a crucial guidebook for designing the future that it purports to be, we have a story of cultural change and the evolution of consciousness. “Adventure of a Lifetime” draws on the stories of a wide-ranging group including David Bohm, Richard Bach, Dan Millman, Bob Marley, Hugh Hefner, Pam Grout, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Isaac Asimov and Hank Wesselman to weave a tale of adventure and wonder.

Your Adventure of a Lifetime is up to you to write. It is hoped that in this book you find ideas that will prove useful. We are at a pivotal time in human history with the fate of humanity and the lifeforms we share the Earth with seemingly at risk. Here lies our purpose: to set an example by how we each live as we seek a path that leads us towards increasing harmony, compassion and joy with a new appreciation of our unity as one creative evolving planetary family.

Guided by the wisdom of our hearts, we can trust our inspiration and unwavering determination to discover the route to this new world. We must work to expand our circles of influence. We will find the path for sharing and building our dreams for the future with like-minded fellow adventurers. We have the responsibility to write the new stories of humankind and our beautiful home world as we fly through infinite space.

After all, we are the Designers of Reality…

Quantum physics is revealing a world where our thoughts create our physical reality. We live in a “shared” reality where your “good” day will positively benefit everything around you. Emotions and beliefs shape our future. In a book that could be viewed as science fiction, philosophy, self-help or a crucial guidebook for designing the future that it purports to be, we have a story of cultural change and the evolution of consciousness.”


“Adventure of a Lifetime” suggests that you practice intentionally guiding your thoughts in the direction of what you appreciate as opposed to what you may fear.

Our emotions and thinking create an energy field that affects everything in range. In that field we envision our reality and thus write our story for humanity. We must imagine and breathe life into the future we want for our world.  We can learn to resist “fearful” thinking and focus on “wonder” and “appreciation” as we imagine our evolving future.

I believe you will enjoy the world you find as you explore “Adventure of a Lifetime”. In its pages you are invited on a journey in consciousness. We share the responsibility of envisioning and co-creating whatever future realities emerge.  This book reveals the important role you and I have to play as our tale unfolds in the days and years ahead. 

The future will be discovered in our hearts and minds.  Sending those PositiVibes out to All,

“Adventure of a Lifetime” by John Brodie invites readers to explore a captivating blend of science fiction, philosophy, and self-help. In this thought-provoking book, Brodie weaves a tale of cultural change and the evolution of consciousness.

🌟 Key Themes:

  1. Quantum Physics and Reality Creation: The book delves into the fascinating world of quantum physics, where our thoughts shape our physical reality. It challenges us to recognize the power of our minds in shaping the world around us.
  2. Shared Reality and Positive Impact: We inhabit a shared reality, and our emotions and beliefs ripple through it. A “good” day positively affects everything around us. By understanding this interconnectedness, we can consciously create a more positive future.
  3. Inspirational Figures: Brodie draws inspiration from diverse figures, including David BohmRichard BachDan MillmanBob MarleyHugh HefnerPam GroutMaharishi Mahesh YogiIsaac Asimov, and Hank Wesselman. Their stories contribute to the adventure and wonder within the book.
  4. Designers of Reality: We are the architects of our own reality. Guided by our hearts and unwavering determination, we can pave the way for peace, happiness, and the regeneration of our planet.

📖 Purpose and Responsibility: At this pivotal moment in human history, our purpose lies in setting an example and finding a path toward a harmonious future. As we fly through infinite space, we must write new stories for humankind and our beautiful home world. After all, we are the Designers of Reality.

🌎 Join the Adventure: Let’s expand our circles of influence, share dreams, and collaborate with fellow adventurers. Together, we can create love-filled futures for all. The adventure of a lifetime awaits—will you write your chapter? 🚀

Our hope is that you will find enjoyment in reading “Adventure of a Lifetime” and inspiration from the collection of stories and concepts taking us on a path to a new perspective on human life and our role in the Universe. We must work to expand our circles of influence. We will find our way to share and build our intentions and dreams for the future with like-minded fellow adventurers. We hold the power to write the new stories of humankind and our future on our beautiful home world as we fly through infinite space.

The future will be discovered in our hearts and minds… after all, we each are playing a world shaping role in this Adventure of a Lifetime…

We are the Designers of Reality™.

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