It is the position of the Positivibes Network that consciousness creates reality.  When an idea/inspiration pops into your mind and is given power by the emotion of desire/wanting it becomes a prayer or request to ones God Self to fulfill.  There is no qualification of right or wrong, deserved or undeserved.  The request will always be fulfilled if the intention is pure.  By that we mean the intention must be un-conflicted.  In other words, if you are requesting but in the same moment doubting that your request is going to be fulfilled, that doubt actually sends a request in for exactly what you don’t want.  This is why you must be clear in your faith and belief to get all that you want.

To take it a step further, if your “pure” intent is combined with others, the power to create an altered reality becomes even greater.  This is the power of an event like the annual Unity World Day of Prayer.  By bringing a large number of people into alignment with the idea of realizing a more peaceful and loving world, the power of that energy is magnified and can send a wave of healing power through all of Creation.  Shifting world consciousness away from prevailing beliefs in lack, limitation and separation if like altering the course of a huge ship at sea but each loving positive wave of energy that hits it will help improve it’s direction.

Here is the Unity message for this Day of Prayer:

World Day of Prayer


A gentle yet powerful message from Spirit within is continually calling on me to accept all that I can be. Today I unite in mind and heart with others celebrating Unity World Day of Prayer by affirming these words:

Aligning my mind and heart with the mind and heart of God, I center myself in Pure Being. In a state of spiritual realization, I remember I can never be broken, limited, or unworthy. Courageously, I rise into my true spiritual nature in this moment of healing. I heal the whole of me as I accept that I am brave. I am bright. I am beautiful.

My self-regard and self-respect are not mere platitudes but rather essential stances from which I support healing in the world.

Keep on doing the things that you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, and the God of peace will be with you.—Philippians 4:9