Welcome to the opportunity to take an intentional role in transforming our future.

The Gaia Game Alliance seeks to inspire new and improved future experiences of reality by encouraging a focus only on what is wanted rather than applying any concern or energy on opposing anything.

The concept of a “game” is used because you will enjoy life much more if you approach it as an adventure game and realize you are here to have fun and learn to better master your creative skills as a divine entity. Most people take themselves and their lives far too seriously. You were born worthy and deserving to fulfill any and all of your hopes and dreams. Fear, worry, guilt, regret and a lack of faith and acceptance of your true divine nature are the only things that can separate you from all of the good you have come here to create. You are and have always been a being of unlimited potential and grace. Thanksgiving and praise is your prayer. Love is your religion. You are God, we are God.

Reality is up to us. You are one of this world’s Designers of Reality™. You may believe you have made some huge mistake or done something awful but it was a requested part of the story-line. You cannot do anything wrong although you can certainly do things that do not bring you the happiness you seek. If everything does not appear to be going right, just relax and decide your course of action entirely by what “feels” right and good.

You are here to master the art of designing your own personal reality. It is totally an independent and unique reality that will only be affected by the realities of others as you choose to allow. We should tip you off that you are the only one writing and directing “your” story. The direction your story takes is completely up to you. Most people are greatly influenced by what they see and hear around them but never forget that is your CHOICE. That does not mean you will not be thrown some curve balls and challenges to get past – it is a game of skill and adventure after all. Learning the skills to be a good adventurer is what all of this is about.

While you are interacting with a nearly infinite number of other stories and personal realities, yours is all yours. While you may not yet have realized how much power you have, it is as potentially infinite as all of Creation. It will probably take a bit of explanation to make this clear to you but, YOU are GOD. That’s right, YOU are God. You may have had people telling you all your life that God was some divine force that you were to look up to, pray to and possibly believe was going to punish you for wrongdoing. That is all incorrect. You are the Creator and the master of the Universe. Everything in your world is springing forth from your consciousness. You imagine something and if you decide to believe in it you will make it so. Now before you get too carried away with the fact that you can wield the infinite power of Creation we need to let you know that it is not as easily said as done. Also, we want to let you know you are no better than anyone else because they are all God too.

The easiest way to for you to get a sense of what we are suggesting is to use a model that you will be familiar with. If you have a device that is connected to the Internet, it is part of a network of virtually unlimited potential. One day soon, there will be robots and androids of various capabilities connected to the Internet like your smart phone or laptop computer. As their capabilities grow, they will have increasingly more freedom of action and function. They will have a local “brain” defining their individuality and controlling their interaction with the world around them but they are all linked by their connection to “the network”.

The same is true for you and me but we are connected to an infinite all-knowing network with unlimited potential and power. Every action ever taken and every thought ever thought are present in what we can call the God Network.

Who are we? We are the physical eyes, ears and designers of the current 3D time space reality. Our consciousness is bringing into physical form all that is. We are adventurers and explorers on missions into the time and space realm where the creation of all “things” takes place. And that part is all up to us. We are the Designers of Reality. The entire material world springs from our consciousness. We can do no wrong because the stories are all of our own design and nothing can happen to us that we don’t allow into our story.

You may say “what about tragedy and death?” They are just plot lines that we go along with as we learn to be more satisfying Creators. You have done this more times than you could probably count and death is simply the end of a story-line. Your death is only important to those characters who have been sharing a particular adventure with you. For you, you emerge back into what could be called “Universal Consciousness” released from any imagined limitations or imperfections. You fully recognize that you are one with all of Creation – no separation of any kind exists – all is one unified field of energy. Don’t worry though – you will retain the individual memories of all the adventures you have created and the associations you have formed in the network.

We hope you will consider being a part of our Gaia Game Alliance to spread the awareness to inspire new and improved future experiences of reality by encouraging a focus only on what is wanted rather than applying any concern or energy on opposing anything.


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