The Gaia Game Alliance seeks to inspire new and improved future experiences of reality  by encouraging a focus only on what is wanted rather than applying any concern or energy on opposing anything.

We are glad you stopped by.  TheGaiaGame.com is the HOME of what we have chosen to call The Gaia Game Alliance.  Like everything else about the “reality” we believe we are a part of, it is all made up by us, collectively and individually.  The story has been several millenniums in the making with ever more complex plot development as we humans have become more socially and consciously evolved.  Everyone’s part is important to the whole but is not dependent on anyone but themselves.  We are each self contained entities that have the choice to play along with the generally accepted view of things or choose new directions.  The most important thing to realize is that if you are not pleased with the status quo you owe it to yourself and everyone else to make improvements to the story in line with your personal hopes and dreams for the world you desire.

You may ask, “How do I know how the world should work?” The answer comes from recognizing those things you are unhappy about.  If it doesn’t make you feel any appreciation you must find its opposite and put your creative energy behind that idea of the future get your storyline to move in that direction.  Learning how to do this takes some practice because you have probably long believed someone else created the world you live in.  It can be hard to accept that the story you have been telling yourself for sometime should or even can be discarded and replaced.  A useful guidebook with some pointers for this path is aptly titled “The Edge of Creation” because that is where each new moment of your reality is formed.

The Gaia Game Alliance story-line is being developed to promote the idea that as groups of us come together to “imagine” new and improved realities – both personal and collective – we can have an impact on directing future chapters in this ongoing saga of the human species.  By changing what we “believe” we alter what we experience.  As that altered experience becomes more generally accepted it gradually becomes the new reality.  Nothing is “fixed” or predetermined.  It is an ongoing adventure story and we are the creators of everything that manifests in physical form.  That is our role in the game.  We are each writing our own screenplay and directing the action by what we think and believe.  Every thought and word we send out impacts all of Creation.

The concept of a “game” is used because it just seems to be a great way to make everything a little less serious.  You will enjoy life much more if you approach it as an adventure game and realize you are here to have fun and learn to better master your creative skills as a divine entity.   You don’t have to justify yourself to anyone.  You have free will in everything. You were born worthy and deserving to fulfill any and all of your hopes and dreams. Fear, worry, guilt, regret and a lack of faith and acceptance in your true divine nature are the only things that can separate you from all of the good you have come here to create. You are and have always been a being of unlimited potential and grace. Thanksgiving and praise is your prayer. Love is your religion. You are God, we are God.

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