We believe in the power of nature and the body’s ability to replenish itself. 
As a physician, I spent most of my life studying the body and ways to treat pain. However, after suffering a significant accident, I repeatedly found myself in the unfamiliar role of the patient. Convinced there had to be more natural remedies than what I was prescribed, I enlisted the help of my health enthusiast sister and together we explored some of the best ingredients nature had to offer.Our bars are full of soothing plants, fruits, nuts, and spices- they’re nutritionally balanced with high protein, whole carbs, and good fats to fill you up and keep you going without weighing you down. They’re gluten free and soy free and contain over 25 of nature’s best ingredients including: turmeric, ginger, beetroot, tart cherries and flaxseed oil.   
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Namasté,  The Chopra Center

About the product

  • Naturally AND batch tested GLUTEN-FREE. NO soy. NO preservatives. NO additives. NO Cholesterol. NO trans fats. Low in saturated fat. Balanced nutrition. High fiber. NO added sugar. NO corn syrup. NO additives. NO artificial anything.
  • Made with Turmeric, Green tea, Beetroot, Ginger, Hemp Seeds, Chia, Quinoa, Bioperine, and more!
  • Over 20 ingredients known to include antioxidants, omega fatty acids, fiber, and amino acids.
  • Our Whey Protein Isolate powder is simply whey protein powder that has been refined by filtering out the fat, lactose (to less than 0.1%), casein, and cholesterol. This creates a leaner protein source that is not only easily absorbable, but avoids the issue of bloating and/or any other potentially negative side-effects from dairy.
  • 12g Protein, 15g Net Carbs, 7g Fiber – Box of 12 bars