You are God, I am God, everyone of us playing at being a human being is GOD. Some may consider a statement like this as to be blasphemous.  Others who think of themselves as atheists may not know quite what to think about the concept.  The logical question is “in what way are we God?”

Let’s start by saying that (your name here) is not God.  Your body is not God.  It is your unique consciousness that is an individualized non-physical expression of an infinite energy field beyond time and space that is GOD.  There is no “religious” connotation because we are not suggesting that there is any super being that we must please if we are to survive.  Think of us as individual entities linked to an all pervasive network.  While some of us have achieved a better connection to that network and are therefore better at creating the world we want for ourselves, we are all equal in our potential for experiencing and spreading love and happiness to improve on the current state of physical time space “Creation”.

Because we live in a world of inclusion, whatever we focus our energy on will be increased in our experience.  Some call this Karma or Newton’s Third Law of Motion.  Whatever you beam out will come back to you.  Knock and the door will be opened.  We have access to a Universal search engine that will provide any resources or answers we seek.  Our mission is to interact with the physical world ideally being guided in our actions by what feels good and right.  We are not required to do anything though.  Each of us as a part of the God Network is free to do whatever we want.  For most of us our bio-computer physical operating system has gotten some bad programming along the way.  What Wayne Dyer referred very accurately to as our erroneous zones.  Noted psychologist Carl Jung called it the “collective unconscious”.  We live in a sea of conscious energy and while we are each independent entities, we are influenced by each other.  Some of those ideas may be very good but others may be far from useful to increasing our overall wellbeing.  This is where the challenge of our individual adventures comes in.  We must figure it out.

We do have an on-board guidance system which we shall call your emotional compass.  This is our primary connection to the God Network.  Your “feelings” about things can keep you always on the path toward your greatest good.  Some people think of it as that little voice in their head but of course you must pay attention to it to take advantage of this guidance.

I like to think of The PositiVibes Network as a local chapter of the God Network here on planet Earth.  Our mission is to inspire people to live more hopefully and expect that their lives and the world will improve continuously.  Your task is to become a better master of the thinking and beliefs of the physical character you currently inhabit.  We hope to get an ever growing number of people to realize that it is our beliefs that define the physical world.  If we choose to believe that we live in a cruel and dangerous world that is what we will create for ourselves.  If we believe that everyday there is less pain and more love in the world then that shall be our reality.  It does not really matter what anyone else does or believes – they have their own unique adventure and reality to create.  There is no need to fix anyone because no one can get it wrong.  This is a learning game with lots of trial and error.  The best way you can contribute to overall wellbeing is by living a life pursuing your own happiness and joy.  In this way you will lift the energy levels of others by the love and joy you transmit as a powerful healing energy to all of Creation.

You are God and our hope is that you will take the opportunity to use your power with a joyful heart and realize that the more you live a life of hope, fun, joy, adventure, happiness, appreciation and love the more you will be a blessing to everyone else in the game.  By the way, (your name here) will not be in the game that long but the “consciousness you” is immortal and can play the game as many times as you choose picking all kinds of scenarios to work with so don’t be hard on yourself if things don’t always go smoothly.  Any good adventure needs some challenges if you are to grow.  No matter what costume or back story you pick for an adventure your objective is the same – find the path and story that gives you the most satisfaction and fun.  You got into this for the excitement and challenge of being a designer of reality.