I am inviting people like you to be part of an adventure group where you will be helping shape a more enjoyable future.  We are calling it the Time Space Adventurers.  Everyone living on the planet has access to this group but to participate it will take an altered state of mind.  That is what we will help you achieve.  Most people figure it is a crazy world out there and sometimes it may seem like you are just lucky to survive.  This is because most people are totally unaware of their immense powers.  They falsely believe that stuff just happens to and around them.  They have not realized that they can have control over everything that happens.  Even if you don’t know it, everyone has this control.  Your ability to take control and intentionally shape your future is what taking on the role of a Time Space Adventurer is about. 

In what is considered the normal state of mind that is just the way it is.  Things happen all around you – some you like, some you don’t like but you are expected to just deal with everything.  People tell you that you have to do certain things and you can’t do others regardless of how you personally feel about it.  They of course are usually trying to give you useful information but it is always from their perspective and that may have very little to do with whom and what you are here for.  This is why it is important that you learn to shift your ideas about things and recognize that you are the only one who can find the right direction for you.  You should listen to the ideas of others because there is something to learn from everyone and everything you come into contact with.  The key is that you must let your feelings be your guide – it is simple, just ask yourself how you really feel about whatever it is.  Does it make you happy or uneasy?  As you learn to get good at knowing how you really feel about things you will rarely ever make a decision that does not help you get where you want to go.  Better yet, you will find that you have the power to make things happen in your life.  You will marvel as all of the pieces needed to take you to what you want fall into place.  Once you get good at it, it will seem like magic.

As a famous writer once said, “all of the world is a stage and all of the men and women are merely players”.  This is a very accurate concept.   Nothing is destined for you.  You are creating the character you are playing and developing the story.  It is all in your mind and you can be totally in charge of where you take your character while you are in this time space reality you find yourself.  This is your stage.  What do you want to do with your story?  It really is all up to you and you are completely worthy of getting everything you need to have lots of fun and exciting adventures.  It is a game so there will be challenges and tests along the way but those are needed to help you build your skill.

Learning to master this skill is what the Gaia Game is all about.  We are calling it a game because that is a framework that is easy to think about.  It suggests the ideas of fun and challenge and that is how you should feel about the adventure that lies ahead of you.  You are a Time Space Adventurer and you will be taking charge of the design of your future while quite possibly helping secure a more satisfying future for all who live on this planet. 

We should make it clear that there is nothing wrong with how you have been living your life.  And you can forget all about this game idea and just live your life as others think you should.  This is simply an alternate approach to reality that you have access to.  All you will need to do is spend some time exploring some new ways of believing.  It a path you are destined for sooner or later – everything is always up to you.  We can assure you however that following this path will unlock awesome possibilities for fun and adventure.  

If you are ready, go to TimeSpaceAdventurer.org.  That will get you started on a path to creating a more magical life for yourself.