Giving HOPE for the Holidays

By John A. Brodie

A local non-profit organization known as Fellowship Living ( has been saving lives locally for over 14 years.  They depend on donations for much of the work they do.  If it would be possible for you to make a tax deductable contribution to save lives go to this link:

Fellowship Vision

All who pass through our doors will awaken the potential that has been lying dormant as a result of drugs and alcohol. From their desire for recovery through education, dedication, and personal growth, each will become centered in self awareness and grow in wisdom, enabling them to live sober, happy, healthy, and prosperous lives.

Rick Riccardi, founder of Fellowship Living Facilities, Inc. is regarded as a pioneer in the Florida recovery community and nationally for his unique impact on the state’s approach to the addiction crisis. “Fellowship Living” has been cited around the country as an example of “Recovery in Action.” 

We asked Rick Riccardi for a short description of the organization he has built:

“Fellowship Living Facilities, Inc. is a nonprofit (501c3) organization dedicated to providing a structured sober living environment for men and women in recovery from Substance Use Disorder (SUD). The Men’s and Women’s Twelve Step Fellowship Recovery houses are managed by Fellowship Living Facilities Inc. They provide a foundation for men and women to grow into their new lives through their inner journey by staying self motivated and committed to the program and house guidelines from the AA and NA experience. All locations offer 12 Step Meetings with several alliances and resources that aid in support and recovery.”

“We at Fellowship Living Facilities know that we all must broaden the conversation around addiction and recovery to save lives.  Many families suffer in silence and, sometimes are in denial or do not recognize the seriousness of their family member’s SUDS (substance use disorder) problem.”

The fact is that addiction does not discriminate and the refusal or inability to acknowledge its severity can have fatal consequences. In 2017, we lost over 72,000 Americans to opioid overdoses; that number does not include alcohol and other drugs. If you see symptoms of addiction in a loved one, there is help.  You can always make a confidential inquiry by contacting or calling Fellowship Living at (954) 972-9495. 


Our City Media ( is supporting the fundraising effort that will help Fellowship Living restore hope for more individuals over the holidays and into the coming year. This is a crisis affecting us all and you can help. 

Please visit to learn more and make a donation that will save lives – it could be someone you know.