From fighting disease to reducing pollution Bill and Melinda Gates have put their financial resources to work to benefit the planet and its inhabitants.





Bill Gates who has long invested enormous amounts of his wealth into projects to help benefit humanity and the planet.  One of his most costly ventures has been the re-invention of Nuclear Power generation.  Nuclear Energy has been used, continues to be used to produce energy without dependence on burning fossil fuels.  Nuclear Energy is one of the most promising ways to produce vast amounts of energy while helping to reduce global warming emissions.  The roadblock Bill Gates ran into was a combination of trade war battles and fear.

The Netflix documentary on Bill Gates tells the story from struggle to ready to go when at the last moment the prototype project dead ended seemingly due to our current trade and tariff conflicts with China.  The other obstacle is fear left over from events like Chernobyl where a reactor failed and resulted in catastrophic damage.  As the Gate’s team clearly explains, this was ancient technology compared to the total redesign of the new reactor built by TerraPower.  The most striking difference, besides a far safer design, is that the new reactors can actually be powered by what previously was the very hazardous waste of the older reactors solving another environmental problem.


America needs advanced nuclear now. TerraPower is ready.

TerraPower’s founders entered the nuclear energy arena to meet growing electricity needs and lift billions out of poverty. Advanced reactors and other isotopic applications are now possible with technology and enhanced computing capabilities that were unimaginable just a few decades ago. At TerraPower, we are ready to build the clean energy of tomorrow – today.

TWR Technology: Preparing Nuclear Energy for Global Growth

 TerraPower’s innovative Traveling Wave Reactor (TWR) design results in a reactor that can operate with higher thermal efficiency and consume uranium resources in a more efficient, clean and safe manner than previously possible.

Unlike traditional nuclear reactors, this technology will be capable of utilizing fuel made from depleted uranium, which is currently a waste byproduct of the uranium enrichment process. Its unique design gradually converts the fuel through a nuclear reaction without removing it from the reactor’s core, eliminating the need for reprocessing, generating heat and producing electricity over a much longer period of continuous operation. Additionally, eliminating reprocessing reduces proliferation concerns, lowers the overall cost of the nuclear energy process, and helps to protect the environment by making use of a waste byproduct and reducing the production of greenhouse gases.

To date, TerraPower has achieved significant success in the development of this advanced nuclear reactor design, largely through progress made by leveraging public-private partnerships, seeking excellence in commercial partners, and forging a new supply chain for fuels and materials. This has led to the completion of the core concept design for a prototype of the TWR program.

Construction of a TWR engineering simulator is an important milestone, as it puts engineers in the control room of a virtual TWR system to study the reactor’s operation from start-up to full power. By pairing cutting-edge computing power with real-world data, TerraPower continues to improve the TWR design, analyzing it using new seismic, physics and mechanical methodologies. Together, these activities bring the design ever closer to construction of the first TWR technology.


TerraPower aims to achieve startup of its prototype TWR reactor in the mid-2020s, followed by global commercial deployment.

Get the whole story and more on the work being done by Bill and Melinda Gates and their foundation in the documentary “Inside Bill’s Brain”.

From the acclaimed director of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth comes a behind-the-scenes look into the mind of one of the most influential entrepreneurs and philanthropists in history. As our co-founder and chairman, Bill Gates has taken on some of the world’s most challenging problems. We’re inspired by his efforts to improve and build better solutions to fighting climate change.

Bill started TerraPower to craft a sustainable, clean energy future. He sees nuclear energy, and in particular advanced nuclear, as a key part of the solution. At TerraPower, we are ready to build the clean energy of tomorrow – today.


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