Your Part in the Adventure

Directed by what you are inspired to desire, your objective is to realize those aspirations in this time and space dimension. Everything starts first as an idea. It is your consciousness that will convert it to a physical entity. By consciously envisioning and believing in the future you desire, you will have a transformational effect on all of Creation. This is what you are here for and if you follow this path you will find great enjoyment and satisfaction as you learn to increase your ability to intentionally create your world.

The Premise

We are not here simply to witness Creation – we are the Creators.

You are a celestial being having a physical experience – this is the Time Space Adventure.

A new version of Reality is available to you where you are an unlimited non-physical being having a physical Time Space Adventure. Most of us believe we are only the physical character we have imagined into being. That entity is only a very small part of the powerful creative being you actually are. If you are willing to open your consciousness to begin experiencing the world in this way, a life of intentionally shaping wonderful adventures will open to you.

From Deepak Chora’s book, METAHUMAN:
“Somewhere in prehistory Homo sapiens crossed over into virtual reality, when a mind-made simulation became essential in our evolutionary path. The exact era will never be known, or the reason, if any, why one species should acquire such powers and know that it had them. No other species tells stories and convinces itself that they are true. There are many mysteries in our past. Somehow, following whatever tortuous path, we managed to make our simulation so convincing that we got lost in it.”  

Our hope is to encourage you and offer direction to

help you to be the intentional designer of reality you
are meant to be, with desire as your creative compass
you can envision and believe in a more inspired,
positive, joy-filled and compassionate world – a world
where ever more of your hopes and dreams become
your daily reality with ease and satisfaction.

An idea that begins in just one mind can take
over the world. What are the ideas with which
you fill your consciousness every day?


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