What does the future hold for you?


I didn’t realize it for a long time but it has become clear that whatever we consistently fear or believe is going to happen will eventually happen.  The fear part is easier to accept, particularly if you fear more of the same – whatever that is. Believing in something altogether different from what is right before your eyes is more challenging.  

We have become conditioned to believe only in what our senses reveal to us and how we happen to perceive the world around us.  This is obvious of course.  Why should we question it?  Probably 99% of the people we associate with have similar beliefs about the way things are.  That does not mean we agree on all of the details because we each have been programmed differently.  It is this programming that prevents us from knowing the truth. 

We are after all bio-computers.  Like all computers we process information based on our programming – what we have been told and shown to be “truth”.  While we can act in the now, all of our actions are almost entirely based on past experiences or what someone else has convinced us is the right way to look at something.  This is how we make most of our decisions and expect the predictable result of our choices. 

As science delves more deeply into how the mind body system works there are emerging revelations.  It turns out our beliefs are a defining factor in how we perceive reality.  While we have thought of ourselves as “responding” to reality, we are actually responsible for creating what we perceive as reality.  It becomes clear that the old saying of “see it to believe it” is actually backwards.  In the “real” world, what we come to believe will become our reality.  You must believe it before you can see it. 

This is not a totally new idea of course.  Based on Newton’s Third Law of Motion* we have the basis for what is commonly called The Law of Attraction.  This is a long established idea in spiritual circles.  This is expressed in the belief in “Karma” or the idea, “you reap what you sow”.  While you may accept the idea of karma, the idea that it would apply equally to whatever your thoughts and feelings happen to be may seem an unreasonable stretch of logic.  But, as we have stated, science is beginning to establish that “our thoughts” are the energy that control the form the material world takes.  

If you really stop to consider this “reality”, does it make you nervous?  I know it does for me.  Many of us believe we are the Captains of our own ship.  However, do we base our appraisal of our capability as Captains on how well we deal with the adventures we are faced with?  Or, do we evaluate our success on our ability to choose our adventures?  

It is now established that it is each of us – and our collective consciousness – that is responsible for what comes to be in our world.  We are the writer and director of our stories, not just improvisational actors responding to whatever scene we find ourselves in. We are designing the adventure based entirely on what we have been programmed to believe.  

Thus it is apparently a fact that if we change our minds, we will change our world.  The sense of responsibility for our reality is intimidating.  The good news is that the shaping of our beliefs is a learned skill.  All of the great wisdom traditions of our numerous cultures have been aimed at sharing different road maps for developing that skill.  

This is the real reason we got into this time space adventure – to learn this skill and then use our personal creativity and inspiration to create a more satisfying and enjoyable experience for ourselves.  As we enhance our personal experiences, our energy will uplift all of those around us.  As the old saying goes, the best way to teach is by example.  This is the adventure we hope to work on together as Designers of Reality.  Explore more at LaunchTSA.com.  

Together we can transform the future by shifting the consensus of beliefs.


John A. Brodie, jbrodie@positivibes.net 

*every action results in an equal and opposite reaction

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