Why does the world seem to have gone mad?  Wetiko Be Gone!

There is a great struggle going on that will determine our survival as a species.  The virus has always been there but it began gaining strength with the development of Western Civilization.  In our present day many cannot understand how so many people who otherwise appear intelligent and competent can have beliefs and act in ways that simply seem predatory and lacking in any sense of compassion.  It expresses itself as a selfishness that drives a desperate need to control and dominate – to demand praise and allegiance.  There is no working to help others – only a wish to control and subjugate others to its will.  We are experiencing a malignant psychosis expressing itself as a sickness of soul or spirit.

To control it we must first be aware of it in ourselves and then shine a light on it.  

Native Americans call this virus wetiko.

Wetiko is a psycho-spiritual illness; it is a psychosis in the true sense of the word, “a sickness of the spirit.” The origin and medium of operations of the WETIKO virus is none other than the human psyche. This mind-virus acts itself out through our blind-spots in such a way so as to hide itself from being seen – keeping us in the dark, so to speak.  Since it is in us all, it can hide in plain sight because unless we know to look for it we will never see it.  The more we are infected by it, the less chance we have of recognizing we are being affected.  Since it is of the Quantum Realm and not part of our 3-dimensional reality it is very elusive and can gain control in many who have no idea they have been infected with anything.  They have the virus but there is no awareness because it superimposes itself on their consciousness as an altered reality.

Carl Jung pointed out that it is possible to eliminate the virus by getting to know the aspect called “daemon” or the demons of our shadow. The demons of our shadow feed off of greed, envy, contempt, and the thirst for power or domination. These demons have led mankind to do terrible things throughout history. The wetiko has governed people’s consciousness for centuries. We tend to give it power over us, obey it if we must, and get carried away to its whims and wishes. Carl Jung explained that it is the human’s responsibility to become aware of it.

That inoculation is what we shall strive to spread.  Shine a light on it and its evil will be exposed.  The more individuals who become aware of wetiko and recognize its effects, the faster the virus will lose its power over our society.  Wetiko is the enemy of civilization because it is about control and domination of “the other”.  While evolution continues to bring us to the awareness of what Larry Dorsey, MD calls the “One Mind” where strength, wisdom and inspiration are drawn from connection with a unified field of consciousness.  Wetiko is desperate to undermine this belief because that would mean the egoic beings it has control over would “surrender” and realize they had been coned into believing “you have to look out for yourself”, “only the strong survive” and that strength is about controlling as any people as possible and putting nothing before your own self interest.

Recent events have made the contagion of wetiko quite obvious to those of us who have questioned the sanity of our society lately.  The hope and opportunity is that with the resulting wetiko driven behaviors very out in the open, more people will begin to wake up and find an antidote in themselves.  Like coming out of a bad dream, reality will begin to shift back to a healthy state.  The cure will not be something physical although there will be tangible physical results.  This calls for a spiritual awakening – a release of the ego’s fearful grip and a return to the true power of a greater connection with one’s higher self.  “May the Force be with you” or we can say “go with God” and return to the world of positive expectations, wonderful adventures and a consistent sense of peace, happiness and love.

For more information on this, one excellent source of knowledge is:  Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil by Paul Levy and Catherine Austin Fitts

The PositiVibes Network is also launching the website, WetikoBeGone.com and a Facebook page Transforming the Planet