Is the Story You are imagining  for Our Future Filled with Love and Wonder or Fear and Anger?

In the interest of helping everyone find their best path toward evolving our future together, I am sharing a hopefully useful guidebook that has arrived after a journey of many years. “Adventure of a Lifetime” is my story, it is your story, it is all our stories. Together we are giving birth to a future that we will have co-created and discovered together.  

Quantum physics is revealing a world where our thoughts create our physical reality. We live in a “shared” reality where your “good” day will positively benefit everything around you. Emotions and beliefs shape our future.

You and I, along with the rest of humanity are dreaming the future into being as an expression of our collective beliefs. As like-minded people link up in consciousness their healing and harmonizing impact is increased.  Sadly, the same is true for negative vibes – what you send out you create.

“Adventure of a Lifetime” suggests that you practice intentionally guiding your thoughts in the direction of what you appreciate as opposed to what you may fear.  Our emotions and thinking create an energy field that affects everything in range. In that field we envision our reality and thus write our story for humanity. We must imagine and breathe life into the future we want for our world.

We encourage you to read “Adventure of a Lifetime” and explore how you can consciously begin developing your skill as a joyful and loving Designer of Reality.

Download a PDF copy of “Adventure of a Lifetime” for $5.95 with the hope that you will enjoy reading the book and be introduced to many concepts and trends leading to a new perspective on human life and our role in the Universe. The future will be discovered in our hearts and minds.

Your Adventure of a Lifetime is up to you to write. It is hoped that in this book you find ideas that will prove useful. We are at a pivotal time in human history with the fate of humanity and the lifeforms we share the Earth with seemingly at risk. Here lies our purpose: to set an example by how we each live as we seek a path that leads us towards increasing harmony, compassion and joy with a new appreciation of our unity as one creative evolving planetary family.