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Tapping in to the Power of Creation

Religions came into being primarily in an attempt to explain the unexplainable. This is why “science” and religion have often come in to conflict. Science will only accept something is real if it can be experienced by our five senses. Religion relies on “faith” to define reality even when no physical evidence exists. Both viewpoints have failed to make clear the truth about the world we live in. There have been many “enlightened” individuals that have lived on this planet and known the truth. The best known of them is Jesus of Nazareth. He is widely believed to be...

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A FOUNDATION TRUTH: The choice is always yours.

The most important belief for you to come to grips with is that none of your life events or circumstances happen to you – you directly cause them to happen, desirable or undesirable – ALL OF IT. You conjure up your life circumstances by what you choose to say, think and believe. While most people spend their lives just reacting to what appears to be going on around them, everyone actually has the power of creation available to them. That is the opportunity you have. It’s not a requirement but you are totally capable of learning and mastering the...

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New Playing For Change Location

We are proud to introduce one of our newest Playing For Change Foundation program partners – the Baja Musical Arts Initiative in Tijuana, Mexico. Youth in Mexico have been impacted by the growth of drug activity and violence infiltrating their neighborhoods and communities. The instability and risks that youth face in this type of environment are barriers to their education and their ability to feel safe and protected. Thankfully, there is hope. Organizations like BMAI share our mission of using free music education as fuel for positive change in impoverished communities. Nearly 1,600 children from at-risk environments receive exceptionally...

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Who am I? Who are You?

I am an unlimited spiritual being inhabiting a physical form. I inhabit this physical form to contribute to the ongoing creation and shaping of the reality we all share. I came forth into this life adventure to learn and play and contribute. I am guided in what I do by always seeking feelings of love and joy. I strive to maintain the playful spirit of a child with no fears or preconceived ideas. I move through my day seeing it freshly, moment by moment, on the lookout for things that bring a smile to my face and a warm...

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Djigui | Salif Diarra Band | Playing For Change | Live Outside

Mark Twain once said, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness…” and with this inspiration, we invite you to take a musical trip with us to the land of Burkina Faso in West Africa. This country’s name translates to “Land of honest men” and I have never been more inspired by any place in my life. Some of the world’s poorest people are also among the happiest and we can all learn from this reality. This year let’s all take better care of each other as a human race and let the music open our minds and our...

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