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It’s All About Your Story

Each and every component that makes up your life experience is drawn to you by the powerful Law of Attraction’s response to the thoughts you think and the story you tell about your life. Your money and financial assets; your body’s state of wellness, clarity, flexibility, size, and shape; your work environment, how you are treated, work satisfaction, and rewards—indeed, the very happiness of your life experience in general—is all happening because of the story that you tell. Excerpted from Money and the Law of Attraction on 8/31/08 Our Love Esther (Abraham and...

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This is Who I Am

I am an unlimited spiritual being inhabiting a physical form.  I inhabit this physical form to contribute to the ongoing creation and shaping of the reality we all share.  I came forth into this life adventure to learn and play and contribute.  I am guided in what I do by always seeking feelings of love and joy.  I strive to maintain the playful spirit of a child with no fears or preconceived ideas.  I move through my day seeing it freshly, moment by moment, on the lookout for things that bring a smile to my face and a warm...

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Thank You Richard

I just started reading Richard Bach’s newest book, Part Time Angels and 75 Others.  As I have been reading it I find I am nearly overwhelmed with love and appreciation for this wonderful person.  It is sad and very happy at the same time.  Sad because I guess Richard has been feeling a bit disconnected or lonely lately.  He has been through a lot in the last few years – the main event being a bad plane crash where he and Puff, his plane (and very close friend) died for awhile.  Fortunately for the betterment of the planet and...

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John Hagelin: Is Consciousness the Unified Field?

Quantum Physicist John Hagelin has extensively documented the links between pure intelligence and individual consciousness: Progress in theoretical physics during the past decade has led to a progressively more unified understanding of the laws of nature, culminating in the recent discovery of completely unified field theories based on the superstring. These theories identify a single universal, unified field at the basis of all forms and phenomena in the...

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