(Your name here) is a made up character in a time-space-material world.  The book, The Edge of Creation, is about learning how to gain more control over the character you have created.  The highly evolved conscious being that is the real you has invented this character to interact with the time-space world you find yourself in.  Like an actor on the stage, you have adopted a role in a story that you are defining and making up as you go along with your main objective to bring reality to your inspirations, hopes and dreams and get great enjoyment out of the process.  You have been granted total free will and no outside force or authority is judging you.

Karma rules: also known as The Law of Attraction and Newton’s Third Law of Motion, whatever you focus your creative energy on you will manifest in your life adventure.

The objective of the game is to learn how to control the thinking of the character you are playing.  You must come to recognize that (your name here) is a very “real” entity that believes it is the ALL of You and not just a useful but nonetheless made-up character.  The most common name for this part of you is “ego” – we will refer to it as the basic operating system of your bio-computer brain.  You have programmed it to be a very sophisticated persona that serves as the vehicle for all your interactions with the physical world.  The only problem with “ego” you is that it is entirely the result of your experiences and memories. This means that there is very likely much programming in there that does not serve your interests.  Many people really believe this ego character is who they are, but you can be assured that you are much more than that.  That REAL you is directly connected to an infinite, all-encompassing energy field and can tap into the forces that created the entire physical Universe.  Taking the controls is up to you, because “conscious” you can do anything you are inspired to do.

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