Grace: the free and unmerited flowing energy of God power.  “The love and mercy given to us by God because God desires us to have it, not necessarily because of anything we have done to earn it” (Our Wesleyan Theological Heritage).  Since we are God, Grace is always available to us if we allow it to flow into us.  Anxiety, fear and worry are the forces that block the flow of Grace.  An attitude of Love and appreciation – a Spirit filled with the enjoyment of life – will let Grace flow freely in unending supply.

Zeal: eagerness and ardent interest in pursuit of something.  Do not lag in zeal, be ardent in spirit.—Romans 12:11 “I am energized by the power of zeal within me.”

Zeal is the force that is turned on by dreams and desires.  The stronger the desire, the more energized will be the Zeal that attracts the intended result.

Creation: the action or process of bringing something into existence.  Creation begins as an inspiration, a desire or a dream of something new and improved.  Everything is first an idea in consciousness.  That idea is acted upon by what can be called Source or God but since you, in your physical form are an avatar of God energy it is really You that is responding.  That greater you is an individualized awareness that is also inseperable from all that is.

The Edge of Creation.  This is where we are in our physical time space reality form – at the very edge of Creation.  We are always at the point that all Creation is happening.  The past no longer exists.  The future is yet to be brought into being by us.  Everything that is is NOW.  We are not bound by anything that has gone before unless we believe we are.  Everything is our choice.  You see, in REALITY we are the Divine Creators of all that exists in the physical plane.  We can’t get it wrong because there is no judgment of our actions or thoughts accept by us.  The only reason we don’t always live happily ever after is because we doubt that we should or we think we must work harder to deserve the desired result.

We are each artists on a mission here in this time space reality to hone our skills as Creators.  We are here for the adventure of exploring and learning to shape this world as our hopes, dreams and desires direct us.  It is a magnificent playground that has been developed through the wants and hopes of an endless line of players entering the game through eons of time.  You have played a part countless times before and each time you enter the game you have put a more evolved consciousness into play that increases your ability to be “intentional” with your Creative power.

While many of us are very dramatic in the stories we write for ourselves, nothing serious is really happening here.  Our true selves can never be injured or hurt.  That is not so for these avatars we often believe our selves to be but fear not – it is all for the challenge and the learning to play the game.  We can have any game and story we want – it is our personal adventure.  If we want battles and monsters, so be it.  If we want sunny days and beautiful beaches, so be it.  Our higher self up there in the God Network will inspire us with ideas and plot lines always designed to give us the most satisfaction and fun with our adventure.  We just must believe it to make it so.

It is our mission to learn to let Grace flow through us and power Zeal to Create what we want.  All it takes is a little faith in our inherent abilities.