The “Edge of Creation” is a guidebook for an adventure in the evolution of consciousness.  The awareness of our true ability as the creators of reality is an inevitable result of the higher consciousness we are evolving toward.  This journey will help you shift your perception of reality as you discover more about your true nature.  We should start by saying that because you find yourself reading these pages you are ready for these insights.  Whether you accept all of the ideas found herein is not important.  These ideas will be like seeds that will blossom into new found abilities and perspectives on life.  You can be assured that you are here at this point in the ongoing saga of the human species because you have an important role to play in fine-tuning our future path.  That may seem to be placing a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, but accepting this role is optional.  If you choose, you can simply continue your life as you have been doing, but you may find being part of the adventure at hand will be much more fun and satisfying.

This book is about learning how to gain more control over the character you have created, whom you call (your name here).  The highly evolved conscious being that is the real you has invented this character to interact with the time-space world you find yourself in.  Like an actor on the stage, you have adopted a role in a story that you are defining and making up as you go along with your main objective to bring reality to your inspirations, hopes and dreams and get great enjoyment out of the process.  You have been granted total free will and no outside force or authority is judging you.

We have no obligation to do anything.  There is no judgment and no right or wrong.  The operating principal for the game (which we have chosen to call The GAIA Game) is totally interactive – every action or thought attracts energy and substance that has the same energy and vibration signature.  Each thought or action is in effect your “request” to draw more of the same to you.  Again, you cannot do it wrong or make a mistake.  Everything is rooted in karma or what we have been referring to as the Law of Attraction.  Like attracts like.  That’s it.  This and all the other “instruction” manuals for playing the game are just attempts to alert you to this primary law of existence.  The insights here are solely about giving you the knowledge of the parameters of the game so that you can get really good at getting what you want.

Your opportunity is to have a lot of fun dreaming up and bringing into Reality as much as is pleasing to you as possible.  As you get good at it, all of Creation rejoices with you as you mold energy and vibration into forms that make the whole game more wonder filled.  Again, there is no judgment but this is why Source continuously tries to get these messages to us about how things work – so you can play a part in making the adventure game more rewarding and fun for all of Creation.  Remember, WE are the point of manifestation in 3D time and space.  Source You wants to experience through You as a glorious creator of beauty and wonder.  All of evolution is about making more elaborate and better functioning forms – you have the opportunity to play a major role in the process – it can be a starring role if you choose.

As a very wise man, Joseph Campbell said “follow your bliss”.  Turn you attention away from all worry, concern and fear.  Focus as consistently as possible on a continuous and expectant search for things to appreciate.  The words of the Bob Marley song “Three Little Birds” should be you motto to live by: “Don’t worry, everything is going to be alright”.  Believe it and it will be so.

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