Shrim Shri Yei Namah

I open my awareness to the infinite abundance, beauty and fulfillment of life.  I seek true fulfillment within.


This is a story about fulfillment.  Not in the sense of completing something but the fulfillment of being engrossed in one’s daily adventures.  This is a living fulfillment and enjoyment that comes from seeking wonder and miracles each day of your journey and experiencing all with appreciation and curiosity. 

This is the path of LOVE.  The path of GRACE.  It is there for everyone and is in fact our natural state of being.  Being off this path is like a short circuit in our energy pathways.  We have let “resistance” slow the flow or even totally block our “peace of mind” in cases where people sink into depression.  What is the cause of this resistance?  FEAR.

Fear is a reflex we humans developed eons ago to help us fend off danger.  All the physical resources in our bodies change gears as energy is boosted channeling oxygen to the muscles and heightening our senses and mental calculating power related to the defense of our body.  It is what is known as the “fight or flight” response.  This reflexive response has little place in a world where our thinking capacity and technology have made us very different from that early human.  We could all be living lives at a far higher plane but we let the resistance of FEAR hold us back.

This is a very challenging situation because some of this is hardwired into our psyche from those long distant generations and our families, friends and all the variety of information we are exposed to each day describing possible ways of seeing the world.  This is often why our ideas are shaped in the way we find them today.  Many of us have been taught or “programmed” to believe that we are somehow lacking and inadequate.  Many of us have been taught that we live in a world of limited resources and that this is a game of survival of the fittest.  Instead of believing we are deserving of everything we are inspired to want we have taken a bite of the apple of not knowledge but of doubt.  It was a poison apple hiding from us our natural divine nature and fooling us into believing we were alone and in need of proving our worthiness.  This is the cause of the resistance and emotional state that can hold each of us back from finding the full enjoyment of life. 

Just as we have invented so many things to make life physically easier it is time for us to reinvent ourselves.  We must switch our mind’s basic setting from “worry” to “wonder”.  Reality has always come down to “how you look at things” and in an age when we are flooded with outside opinions, it is very clear that what we decide is “reality” is our choice and ours alone.  We are each unique and fully capable operating units living a unique individual adventure.  While others may have told us we “owed” them something that was only because they were operating from a perspective of lack and fear.  They were not self-sufficient in their own skin.  On the other hand, you always have the opportunity to give appreciation and aid to others.  This is always satisfying because you are part of a whole of many diverse parts.  As you can benefit the wellbeing of the whole, you and all of the parts will be blessed and benefit.  The key is that it is a freely given, even lovingly given gift, not an obligation.  When people try to “obligate” you to something, it causes resistance in the form of resentment.  This is a delicate balance of course because so many people are still operating from desperation and fear.  The most powerful way to help anyone is to help them restore their personal sense of self worth and appreciation for themselves.  That’s what true empowerment is.  Once self doubt can be pushed off stage, all the hoped for supporting players and circumstances will begin flowing easily into the story.

The real heart of the matter is that we never left the Garden of Eden except in our minds.  This IS the land of milk and honey and the only reason we don’t see it is because we have taught ourselves to believe we need to struggle and must prove our self worth. 

Here is the truth:  you were born worthy, you chose to come here for an adventure and you “owe” nothing to anyone.  You will have plenty of chances to help others along the way but this will come with a “joy” of being able to lend a hand or a rush of pleasure at realizing your encouragement has helped lift someone to a better place.  You will face challenges because without them you would be bored.  You are a creative being with great computational skills, hard-wired knowledge and the ability to access the energy of Creation through “inspiration”.   You are never alone.  Your ancestors and many kindred Spirits you have picked up in your journeys are there watching your adventure through your eyes and senses.  They are never judgmental – only eager to be of service to you as you face obstacles along your path.  You can know for certain that any obstacle or challenge is not a punishment; it is a sign-post toward the improved world you are eager to create.  Solving problems is what keeps the game entertaining and satisfying.  This is why it is said that the pleasure is in the journey not the destination.  Reach one destination and you will soon be yearning for something new.  Rest assured that with the unlimited energy and resources of Creation at your disposal there is no challenge that you cannot transform into an opportunity.  All you must do is believe in yourself, realize your immense worth and power and go forth each day with LOVE and JOY.  Just let go of your fears and doubts and go forth in search of fun and adventure.   


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